What will you learn?

Technical Camera Settings

  • Camera settings: ISO, shutter speed, aperture 

  • How to get a blurred background

  • When to use Shutter priority

  • When to use Aperture priority

  • Focus settings - Metering vs. spot focus 

  • How to adjust settings for certain backgrounds

  • How to get a crisp image that is focused on the eyes


  • Posing normal people

  • 10 go to easy poses

  • Variation of the pose

  • What order to do poses to ensure a natural flow

  • Prompts to get natural expressions and body language

  • What to look for in portrait backgrounds

  • Seeing the land like a photographer

  • Working with clients in a professional manner

  • Incorporating props

  • Framing the person in the photograph

  • How to get a lot of poses in a short amount of time

Composition and lighting

  • Rule of thirds

  • Shooting through objects

  • Leading lines

  • Front lighting vs. Back lighting 

  • Angles that compliment different body types

  • How to easily change your focus point

  • How to frame a person in the shot

  • Using open compositions to add variety to poses

  • Angling subject to create the best lighting

About the Posed Portrait Lesson


2 Hours

The lessons are held based on your schedule. I offer times Friday mornings and weekends.

Fill out the contact form below for exact availability.


Platt Park

Wash Park

Ruby Hill Park

Outdoors as long as weather permits. 

Other locations available upon request



Includes 2 hour lesson, information handouts, and extended online learning opportunities.


Designed for people who understand basic camera settings. If you want to gain experience posing people, how to talk with clients/friends, and what an entire portrait session entails.

I'm Ready to Learn!

Fill out the form to view an updated schedule of available times.

Unafraid Art  |   Alexandriascalone@gmail.com   |   (425) 213-9117   |   Seattle, WA

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