What will you learn?

Technical Camera Settings

  • Camera exposure: ISO, shutter speed, aperture 

  • Depth of field / F-stop

  • Utilizing histogram while outside 

  • What lenses are best for landscapes

  • How to utilize each type of lens

Setting up the Shot

  • How to view landscapes as a photographer

  • Learn what to avoid in your images

  • How to incorporate people in landscapes

  • How photographing people in landscape changes the image

  • Respecting nature's rules

  • Working on a popular trail

  • What to bring for a winter landscape shoot

Composition and lighting

  • Framing the landscape in unique ways

  • Working with harsh light and shadows

  • Using trails and trees as leading lines

  • Changing perspective to change balance

  • Creating balance in your composition

About the Landscape Lesson


30 Min discussion


2 Hours of hiking and photographing

Workshop date TBD


Kenosha Pass

US Route 285, Park County



Includes 2 hour lesson, 30 min photo discussion, and information handouts.

Does not include transportation or meals.


People ready to capture their adventures in amazing photographs. You'll learn winter landscape photography techniques.

Limited to 4 people per event workshop

I'm Ready to Learn!

Unafraid Art  |   |   (425) 213-9117   |   Seattle, WA

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