Flower Macro

What will you learn?

Camera Settings

  • Camera exposure: ISO, shutter speed, aperture 

  • Depth of field / F-stop

  • Utilizing Aperture priority to photograph quickly

  • Focus settings- tracking vs. spot

  • Exposure compensation


  • Rule of thirds 

  • Open composition

  • Closed composition

  • Line of site

  • How to deal with distracting objects

  • Framing flowers in the landscape

  • Posing the subjects with flowers

  • Changing angles to capture landscapes and flowers

  • How your focus point changes the composition

Photo Variety

  • How to take a variety of pictures at the same location

  • What to look for in a shot

  • How to avoid ugly backgrounds

  • Looking for complimentary colors

About the Posed Portrait Lesson


2 Hours

The lessons are held based on your schedule. I offer times on weekends. Fill out the form below to view an updated schedule.


Platt Park

1500 S. Logan St.

Denver, CO 80210

Outdoors as long as weather permits. 

Other locations available upon request



Includes 2 hour lesson, information handouts, and extended online learning opportunities.


Designed for people who understand the exposure triangle and want to gain experience with macro photography, master compositions, and take amazing flower pictures.

I'm Ready to Learn!

Fill out the form to view an updated schedule of available times.

Unafraid Art  |   Alexandriascalone@gmail.com   |   (425) 213-9117   |   Seattle, WA

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