Frequently asked questions

What kind of camera do I need?

I teach lessons on DSLR cameras. I am most familiar with Nikon, Canon, and Sony cameras. Not sure if yours is a DSLR? Google will tell you! Ask Google if your camera is a DSLR and it will say.

How do you know all these cameras?

I started learning photography in high school, majored in photography in college, have interned at a photography studio, and worked as a professional photographer. Through these years I got to use a large variety of cameras, including the ancient film! It’s been a blast learning all of the different specs. While it seems overwhelming, all DSLR’s have the same basic features with other special buttons added on as you upgrade.

Where are the photography lessons?

Each lesson is unique in it’s content and location. When weather is good the intro to photography lessons are taught outside at Platte Park. Located at 1500 S. Grant St. Denver, CO 80210. Each special intermediate lesson is taught at a different location. This changes depending on the season and weather.

Where are the Lightroom editing lessons taught?

The Lightroom and other editing courses are taught at a local coffee shop.

How many people are in the class?

The beginner and intermediate lessons are private, meaning only you! I like to give my clients all the time to ask questions and get the immediate feedback they need to learn. The advanced lessons vary based on location. The landscape lessons offer people the opportunity to learn from each other and explore Colorado together. These are maxed at 4 people per lesson.

Can I take it with a friend?

Of course! If you are wanting to learn with a friend we can schedule a semi-private lesson. There will be a 20% discount for each participant’s fee. Up to 3 people are able to take the class at once. Anymore and I am not able to cover all of the material while attending to everyone's personal camera needs.

What if I don’t know anything at all and I mean really nothing?!

I am here to help! My lessons are designed to take you from knowing nothing to navigating your camera buttons and taking those creative shots you’ve always wanted.

If there an age requirement or limit?

No, as long as you have a strong interest in photography and are willing to learn, then I’m willing to teach. I do recommend being over the age of 13 as many below can’t focus for 2 hours. If this is the case contact me for shorter lessons.

How long are you lessons?

Each lesson are 2 hours long. This allows time to dive into the content and discuss all questions before having to leave.

What is your photography specialty?

My passions is pulled in 3 directions. I personally love photographing sports, especially baseball. I worked as the photographer for the feeder team of the Chicago Cubs. That’s when I fell in love with candid photos. I also have a love for adventuring which leads to taking a lot of landscapes. Colorado has some beautiful scenery to offer and it’s amazing what you can capture. Last, I take a lot of portraits. People are interesting subjects. Capturing moments and friends are a great way to preserve memories.

What computer do I need for the Lightroom editing class?

You can have either a Mac or PC. It needs to be powerful enough to run Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Photoshop CC, without crashing constantly.

What software do I need to edit?

You will need Lightroom Classic CC. Adobe Creative Cloud offers a photographers package for $10/month that includes both Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Photoshop CC. I do not use Lightroom CC (not the classic) because it has limited functions.

Have more questions?!

Just ask! I am always happy to answer any photography questions

What should I bring to the photography lesson?

Bring your digital camera and lenses. You’ll have the opportunity to ask about all your gear and you’ll need your camera to take pictures.

What should I bring to the Lightroom/computer based lesson?

Bring your laptop, computer charger, images you’d like to edit. Please have Lightroom already installed as it may take a while for it to download on your computer. Also bring your SD memory card (located inside your camera) to practice importing pictures.

Who benefits from Private lessons Vs. Personal Lessons?

-Students looking for ongoing multi-lesson education tailored to their interest and learning needs. -Students who are uncomfortable or don’t learn well in a group setting. -Students who need extra help troubleshooting their device. -Students with very restrictive schedules

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