Photography to capture your story.

Personal Brand Photography for High Level Entrepreneurs and Influencers

That selfie you always take in the car?

Yea, that isn't cutting it anymore.

Your personal brand is out there. It’s time to take control of it!

Allow your photographs to do the talking.

Get tons of images that build relationships with your audience so you can focus on growing your business without wasting valuable time taking pictures.

It's not just a headshot, it's someone's first impression of you!

​Capture your inside story.


Show others your worth.


Define your spirit.


Shine in your business.


It may seem like a lot of pressure to be the face of your  brand.


But here's the thing...

Be You.

Consumers want to get to know the face behind your brand.

Clients want to imagine themselves in your brands lifestyle.


Lives are so intrinsic with so many layers, at any point you’ll want to show off one of these layers.


Which means you need tons of images to share with the world.

Be Authentic.

Your audience wants to see your authentic self.

Photographs are highly influential in shaping people's emotions and opinions of a brand.

You have better things to do than take low quality selfies.

Instead, allow me to be your Personal Brand Photographer

I’m incredibly gifted at bringing out genuine expressions in photographs and tailoring the images to your style.


I’ll come take photos for you up to 4 times a year, giving you several months worth of images at a time.

I get it, photography can be a pain to shop for. 

Let's keep it simple.


You get all the images.

Yes, actually all of them.


I do extensive detailed research to plan and execute your story sessions.


Look at your past content, campaigns and  locations you’ve shot at.


Gather props for the shoot, Hello fresh flowers, cute pens, silly signs or any prop that’s unique to your brand.


Your photographs are tailored to what you use them for.

For example, websites, social media, calculated for cropping and space to add words.

I only work with those those who believe in bringing visual worth to help fulfill their ambitious goals.

I'm incredibly gifted at capturing authentic expressions and bringing out what makes you unique. 



I'm Ali Scalone!

I think personal brand photography is crucial to anyone who wants to grow their business.

Consumers simply don't want to see cheesy stock photography and care about the images behind a brand.

I've seen so many people throw in the towel and return to corporate America because they couldn't launch their own business.

I founded Unafraid Art to help others shake their fears of failure and truly grow personally and professionally. 

Think you're a good fit??

Contact me

Tell me a little about yourself

I'll reply

I'll quickly reply answering any questions you have. 

Video Chat

We will video chat to see if we are a good fit and go over your needs in detail.


This is your time to shine! 

Pricing starting at $300

Get started below for package prices


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Based in Seattle, WA - Available for travel  /  Tel. 425-213-9117


Unafraid Art  |   |   (425) 213-9117   |   Seattle, WA

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